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Touch Screens

How Does It Work?

The Touch Screens now enable customers not only access the self-pour beer taps but also the additional features that the new screens/software "bring to the party". Credit is added to the unique and personalised I-Button fobs via the touch controller. Customers can then access any or all of the available draft beer taps.

There are no consumption fees or costs associated with our systems!

Our motto is: Outlets will be rewarded – not penalised – for increased business.

Interactive Tablet Featues

Pour Your Drink

Access the beers of your choice in your own time and at your own pace. Allows you sample beers easily without waste. All amounts/values poured are clearly visible on the touch screens - and also on the controller at the bar - in real-time. Enjoy the experience.

Send a Beer to a Friend

Gift a beer to a friend directly from the table! The beer code is sent by text and redeemed by the friend directly on the touch screen.

Order Food & Drinks

Place your food menu on the touch screens to allow customers to order without leaving the table. Likewise, from a drinks menu, customers can order drinks from the bar - other than the beer they pour themselves.

Video & Music System

Browse the section of music and videos available on the system and select your favourites. Be DJ for the night.

Manage the Tablet Experience


Create your own advertising platform for your business, beer brands, etc. Use it to promote your venues' events and/or sell advertising space to local business, etc.

EPOS Integration

Tight integration with your register and reports allowing you to analyze the usage of your beer tables and manage them directly from the till screens.

Remote Health Check

Our cloud servers monitor the status of your tables and if there's something wrong, we'll probably know before you do. Automatic SMS notification of potential issues are sent to specified numbers.

There's an App for That

interactive jukebox

An awesome interactive music video channel custom branded for your venue and customers! Upgrade to the most advanced music video playout platform on the planet while your customers engage with your custom smartphone app to choose their favorite music videos.


Customers can send (filtered!) messages to the screens directly from your app - a great way to get attention to your screens and develop fun conversations among your customers.

Vouchers and coupon based offers

Through the app, you can set up limited run vouchers and discounts that your customers claim via the app and via Facebook. Great for meal discounts, drinks promotions and guest lists.

Geo-targeted push notifications to customer list

The most powerful way you can market to your customers is by sending them relevant, location-targeted messages directly to their phones. For example, you can send a message to customers who are at the football stadium with a message 'Hope you are enjoying the game! Join us for the best after party in town and enjoy 2 for 1 cocktails when you show your app to your server!!'

Facebook status updates to customer's walls

Every time your customer uses your app to select a jukebox track, send a message to screen or avail of an offer, we post a status message to your customer's Facebook wall which is visible to their friends. On average, 500 posts created by our app will be seen by 72,000 people on Facebook, all of whom are friends of your customers.

Loyalty Promotions

Over time you'll build up a profile of customers using the app and will be able to reward your most loyal patrons. Our app platform can be set up to automatically reward customers at set loyalty points, eg 10 jukebox plays on 10 different nights.

Table Package Options

  • Basic Package

    Pouring & monitoring the measuring of beer, a library of Graphics of at least 30 Beers, Custom Graphics and Custom Beers for Initial system

  • Bronze Tier

    Remote Support, Remote Feature Updates, Update Custom Branding, Remote Health Check, Z reports, Customer E-mail Reports

  • Silver Tier

    All Bronze Features plus: Advertising, EPOS Integration, Monitored Remote Heath Checks, Realtime Reports, Food Ordering, Games, Merchandising, Local Content Feeds

  • Gold Tier

    All Silver Features plus: Own-branded Custom App, Video Music System, Interactive Map Features, ‘Send A Beer’, Beer Button Integration / Management

Touch Screens
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i-Button Technology

Kind Words

  • My tables are booked weeks in advance Thursday through Sunday and I get a lot of walk in customers most other nights. They have been a huge hit for me.

    - John, Owner, Meridian Pint, Washington DC
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