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Tabletop Beer Towers Benefit Patrons & Bar Owners

Tabletop beer tower systems provide many benefits to a bar owner and his or her venue. Not only do tabletop beer towers decongest crowded areas at the bar, they also allow for varied placement within the venue. Since the tabletop beer tower can come on a mobile table, the table and kegs can be moved around for dinner parties, celebrations and sporting events.

Some people may be uneasy about the assumed effect tabletop beer towers have on tipping. Since people are able to serve themselves at their beer tower table, bartenders are no longer serving patrons that beer. However, bar staff still has to serve the patrons food and provide their guests with fresh glasses for the beer dispensing bar table. Also, not everyone is a beer drinker. Some people sitting at the table tap may prefer a cocktail or a different type of beer, which the bartender or server will have to serve. Servers and bartenders can connect quickly and easily with patrons by discussing how the bar table beer tap works and giving a little background about the tap table. All in all, if the service is great, tipping follows appropriately.

The tabletop beer tap also helps the bartender promote responsible drinking. Often, it’s hard to effectively monitor alcohol consumption. With the table tap, the customer can only pour a certain amount of beer at a time, and then must have the bartender approve additional rounds.

One popular type of the commercial tabletop beer tap features two taps that swivel 320 degrees from the center of the draft table. So not only does the table tap give patrons a beer choice right at their table, it allows them to stay seated when pouring their next round.

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