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Keg Pub Table

In Ireland, they call our product a Keg Pub Table. That is because most bars in Ireland are all referred to as "Pubs". Pub is derived from the term “Public House”. A public house, in its traditional terms, meant a place where people could park their carriage, rest, and get a refreshment. Public Houses were open to the public, where as members clubs that were only available for members. Keg Pub Tables are called Draft Tables or Tabletop Beer Dispensers in the United States. With over 160 locations in the US and Canada now, the Draft Table has positioned itself as an industry leader in helping customers experience what it would be like to be a bartender at their own self serve bar table.

One experience that everyone should have in their lifetime is pouring a Guinness from one of our Draft Tables. The art of pouring a Guinness is something that one must experience firsthand. From the two-pour process to achieving the 2 fingers of finely executed nitrogen bubbles, it’s an experience that is unlike pouring any other beer in the market. In Ireland, enjoying a Guinness or a Lager with mates after a long day of work is a daily event. The Pubs in Ireland are not just places to drink beer; they are meeting areas and entertainment venues. It’s not uncommon to see a group of friends meet there at 4:00 pm, stay for 2-3 hours and only drink 1-3 beers each. The Keg Pub Table with beer tap system can be found in over 200 bars scattered throughout Ireland. The main difference between the tables in Ireland versus the ones in North America is that every one of our tabletop beer taps in Ireland dispenses Guinness and Carlsberg. In North America, they dispense whatever the bar wants to dispense.

Draft Tables are the key to rescue a bar and the next big thing in the restaurant industry. They allow customers to dictate when and how much they will consume from the tabletop beer tower. People like being in control of this. We have even found that most people don’t pour a full beer every time they fill their glass up from the draft beer towers. They can pour 60% of a glass of beer and consume it at their own pace. If they only have 5% left and they want to fill it back up to 50%, they can. Sometimes this is done solely to freshen up the warm beer that remains in the glass. Either way, they are happy because they are drinking exactly how much they want to drink and the bar owner is profiting 100% off of every ounce of beer that is being dispensed from the beer dispensing pub table.

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