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i-Button Technology

How Does it Work?

A touch screen controller, which sits near your POS, constantly communicates with the wall or draft table via Radio Frequency (RF). It opens and closes the taps, and logs all activity. It can store up to a month's worth of consumption and sales data.

There are no consumption fees or costs associated with our systems!

Our motto is: Outlets will be rewarded – not penalised – for increased business.

Step 1

The Patron Requests an i-Button from the bartender/server/manager.

IDs are checked and the patron is given an i-Button with the capacity to pour 2 beers.

Step 2

At every Draft Table in the bar, Each tap has a receptor hole.

The i-Button is inserted into this receptor.
It clicks in easily!

Step 3

The patron inserts their i-Button (It's magnetic, so it clicks right in!)

When inserted, the screen displays how much they have available to pour (top number), and how much they have already poured (bottom number).

Step 4

Quick Video!
As they begin to pour their beer, The numbers reflect the amount poured.

The "Amount Available" number (top) will decrease while the "Amount Poured" (bottom) will increase.

Step 5

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Once they hit their limit, No more beer can be poured.

The patron must then visit a staff member to have their i-Button recharged.

Step 6

When they wish to leave, the patron hands over their i-Button.

Each pour they made is recorded in the i-Button, and they are charged accordingly. Easy!

Simple!  Effective!  Fun!  Drives Business.

* i-Button Draft Tables & Walls store 30 days of transactions, but do not CURRENTLY integrate with POS Systems (yet).

Check out our ROI Calc (ulator)

Our i-Button Technology allows for an unlimited amount of legal-drinking-age customers in an establishment to use a Draft Table or Beer Tasting Wall to pour their own beer!

While the original Draft Table worked as a "Group Setting" table (a group would book the table, and only they would be allowed to use it), a Draft Table with i-Button technology works more like a satellite beer station. Anyone with a functioning i-Button can come up to the table and fill their glass!

Benefits of i-Button Technology

  • Creates a Social Environment

    Multiple consumers can use the table at any given time

  • Keeps Customers Happy

    Consumers do not have to wait at the bar for service.

  • Proven to Make Money

    More beer is consumed compared to traditional tables, which equals more ROI for establishments.

  • Save Time & Money

    The tables create no cost and no waste for owners who need a way for potential consumers to sample beer. Tables set up with the i-Button technology can also use the traditional group setting if a party of people want to be the only ones allowed to use it.

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i-Button Technology

Kind Words

  • My tables are booked weeks in advance Thursday through Sunday and I get a lot of walk in customers most other nights. They have been a huge hit for me.

    - John, Owner, Meridian Pint, Washington DC
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