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Commercial Tabletop Beer Taps Record Every Ounce of Poured Beer

Commercial tabletop beer taps deliver many benefits to bar owners, venues and patrons. Commercial tabletop beer taps allow the patron to provide a credit card and set a maximum amount of beer or a money limit. Beer drinkers enjoy fresher, colder beer right from the tabletop beer dispenser without worrying about overspending or overdrinking. Commercial tabletop beer taps are wirelessly monitored by bar management, and they can decide when someone has poured a few too many beers and turn off the tabletop beer tap and beer tower.

Bartenders can watch consumption levels at the tabletop beer tap via a real-time wireless monitor system, which provides management additional insight into placing beer orders. Another cost saving feature with the automated bar table is the reduction of spillage; the table tap is the most efficient way to serve quality beer to your customers.

To keep track of the amount of beer that’s been poured from the draft master, the table beer tap system uses a digital meter that is wirelessly transmitted to the bartender or management. So while that part of the table beer tap tower helps to keep everyone in line, it also provides solid numbers for managers to decide how much beer they should order in the future for the bar table taps.

Commercial tabletop beer taps house a very intricate system that keeps the two kegs cooled to precise temperatures. This is done with an internal glycol system within the beer dispensing bar table.

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