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About Ellickson

Ellickson USA is an extension of Ellickson Beverage, based in Waterford, Ireland. Ellickson entered the US Market in April of 2010 with the sole focus of increasing customers' total sales and profitability from draft beer. We are the industry leader in "at the table" draft beer management systems. The Draft Tables also give their customers the most interactive, efficient and fun way to consume adult beverages in a legal and responsible manner.

Since pouring your own beer at the table is such a new concept, we had to first approach, explain and seek approval from each States governing liquor board. We now have over 90% of the States Liquor Boards' formal or informal approval to sell our product in their State. With nearly 1 million Bars & Restaurants in the United States, our Vision is to maintain our position as the industry leader in this concept as it becomes the norm in bars, restaurants, stadiums, hotels and eventually homes in the United States and eventually the World..

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Dedicated to Superior Customer Service

While our client list continues to grow, we have a commitment to customers that we will deliver a product and service that, when properly managed, WILL increase draft beer sales and efficiency. As an organization, we intend to deliver “PLATINUM CUSTOMER SERVICE” from the install and staff training as well as post sale 24/7 technical support. Once our clients are up and running with their table keg, we are committed to a less than 1 hour response time for ANY issue called in. We follow that up with a resolution within 24 hours of the initial call. Our goal is to create "Raving Fans" of our company, the product and our Ellickson USA team members.

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