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Beer Tap System

The Draft Table is going to do for bars, what the ipod did for music. Unlike traditional Beer Tap Systems that require the bartender to pour every beer that is ordered, Ellickson Beer Tap Systems give the customer control of using their very own system built into their keg bar table. They are guaranteed great service as well as cold beer when they want it.

What makes a quality Beer Tap System? If you ask a seasoned beer enthusiast this question, you are sure to get a fairly consistent answer. It all comes down to three things:

Whether you are getting the Fixed Draft Table or the Mobile Draft Table, all three of these are taken into consideration to ensure that our customers have a consistent experience whether they are sitting at one of our self serve bar tables  in San Diego, California or Keane, New Hampshire. Beer Tap Systems at the table are not as new of a concept as you may think. Allowing customers to pour their own beers has been taking place in South America and parts of Europe since the early 2000s. While they do not have the same restrictions on consumption per customer, they have been charging people based off what they drink as well as turning a tabletop beer tap on or off as to manage the flow of beer. Ellickson USA was the first company in North America to introduce a mobile Beer Tap System that came with the ability to manage the beer from the taps with a wireless controller from anywhere in the bar.

While the quality of the beer being dispensed and consumed at the Draft Table is very important to Ellickson USA, we want to ensure that every customer that invests in our beer towers product is happy with their investment. To do this we guarantee Platinum Customer Service. If our product doesn’t work the way we say it does, we guarantee to have it up in running within 48 hours.

With the Addition of a Table Beer Tap System to your restaurant, you are sure to create a local buzz as the place to go to have a great time. Whether it's watching the "Big Game", an Office Party or just a bunch of friends getting together, having a draft master Beer Tap System at the table is sure to please your guests. More importantly as an owner, it’s sure to please your bottom line. You will sell more draft beer and be more profitable with that draft beer tower since every drop that comes from the table is billed to your customer.

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