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Tabletop Beer Dispensers Enhance Patron Experience

Tabletop beer dispenser systems are a growing trend in the US. Not only does a tabletop beer dispenser allow a bar patron to self serve his or her own beer, it also provides savings benefits to the bar owner and his or her customers. So, why invest in a tabletop beer dispenser? There are many reasons, but below are a few specifics you should know about our keg pub table:

How it Works:

One popular type of tabletop beer dispenser system features two taps that swivel 320 degrees in the center of the table. A digital meter between the taps keeps track of the amount of beer that is drawn from the beer tap tower. Underneath the tap table is a complex cooling system that keeps both beer kegs chilled at precise temperatures. Two different kinds of beers can be poured from the mobile table tap beer systems, and up to four from the fixed tabletap.

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