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Beer Wall

How Does it Work?

The Beer Wall works in conjunction with our i-Button Technology. It's essentially a wall with up to 16 self-pour taps on it! Check out the technology below.

There are no consumption fees or costs associated with our systems!

Our motto is: Outlets will be rewarded – not penalised – for increased business.

Step 1

The Patron Requests an i-Button from the bartender/server/manager.

IDs are checked and the patron is given an i-Button with the capacity to pour 2 beers.

Step 2

Every tap on the beer wall has its own designated magnetic receptor.

The i-Button is inserted into this receptor.
It recognizes who you are, and your remaining balance!

Step 3

The patron inserts their i-Button (It's magnetic, so it clicks right in!)

When inserted, the screen displays how much they have available to pour (top number), and how much they have already poured (bottom number).

Step 4

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As they begin to pour their beer, The numbers reflect the amount poured.

The "Amount Available" number (top) will decrease while the "Amount Poured" (bottom) will increase.

Step 5

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Once they hit their limit, No more beer can be poured.

The patron must then visit a staff member to have their i-Button recharged.

Step 6

When they wish to leave, the patron hands over their i-Button.

Each pour they made is recorded in the i-Button, and they are charged accordingly. Easy!

Simple!  Effective!  Fun!  Drives Business.

* Beer Walls store 30 days of transactions, but do not CURRENTLY integrate with POS Systems (yet).

Check out our ROI Calc (ulator)

What is the Beer Wall?

  • It's a draft beer system built into a wall, island or any permanent fixture in the building that allows customers to pour their own beer from as few as 2 and as many as 16 different handles.
  • Essentially, the wall is a mix of Ellickson USA's mobile i-button draft table technology (the i-buttons working through wireless technology) & the fixed table beer lines running from the restaurant's cold storage area.
  • It is a satellite station where everyone with a functioning i-button could come to try each of the offerings on tap and once they find one they like they can try a larger sample.

What the Beer Wall Isn't.

  • A Kegorator where people can swipe their credit card at the table and pour their own drink with no interruption.
  • A Beer Vending Machine.
  • A tool to eliminate the need for bartenders and servers.

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Kind Words

  • My tables are booked weeks in advance Thursday through Sunday and I get a lot of walk in customers most other nights. They have been a huge hit for me.

    - John, Owner, Meridian Pint, Washington DC
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