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Mobile Tables

How Do They Work?

Unless the automated bar table has been opened by a staff member via a secure access card, no beer will pour from the taps because of a solenoid valve preventing the flow of beer. Once your customers are at the table it’s pretty simple. You explain how it works and how to pour a beer properly.

There are no consumption fees or costs associated with our systems!

Our motto is: Outlets will be rewarded – not penalised – for increased business.

Step 1

The table starts out as "Closed" At this point, guests Do Not have access to beer.

IDs are checked and drink orders are taken. The server also collects credit cards (just like at the bar).

Step 2

Staff opens the Draft Table via the Wireless Controller.

Guests then have access to 2 beers per person.
(5 guests × 2 beers = 10 drink limit on the table.)

Step 3

Once your guests reach the limit, Staff must check on them and re-open the table.

After being re-opened, the table has access to 2 more rounds per guest.

Step 4

Once your guests are finished, the staff closes the table & guests pay.

Guests only pay for exactly what they consumed. (They don't need to finish their 2 available drinks, and they won't pay for them since that beer was never poured).

Simple!  Effective!  Fun!  Drives Business.

* Draft Tables store 30 days of transactions, but do not CURRENTLY integrate with POS Systems (yet).

Check out our ROI Calc (ulator)

What is the Mobile Table?

  • The first EVER completely mobile Draft Beer system. Built into a 36" table base, it allows customers to pour their own pints from a dedicated 2 tap system at their table that rotates 320 degrees.
  • A complete Beer system that includes a glycol bath/circulatory system that flash chills the beer and serves it at the optimal temperature. Also includes a storage area for gas required to push the beer.
  • Provides an experience not much different than pumping your own gas at the pump (in a good way). As your customers pour from the automated pump table, numbers on a tap-mounted screen communicate how much the customer will owe.
  • The touch screen controller, which sits near your POS system, is constantly communicating with the table via RF frequency and logging all activity. Stores a month of data.

What the Mobile Table Isn't.

  • A Kegorator where people can swipe their credit card at the table and pour their own drink with no interruption.
  • A Beer Vending Machine.
  • A tool to eliminate the need for bartenders and servers.
Also available with our new
i-Button Technology! Check it out!
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i-Button Technology

Kind Words

  • My tables are booked weeks in advance Thursday through Sunday and I get a lot of walk in customers most other nights. They have been a huge hit for me.

    - John, Owner, Meridian Pint, Washington DC
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