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Draft Beer Tower

The Draft Beer Tower is what some people call it, others call them "Table Taps" or "Tap Tables", but the actual name for them are “Draft Tables”. Draft Beer Tables are proving to be staple in the Bar and Restaurant industry. While there are many great innovations in the Bar and Restaurant industry, Draft Beer Tables and beer tap systems are the first product to take beer directly from the keg to the customer in a responsible and legal way.

You may be aware of tubes that are used in bars and restaurants that are basically just large pitchers that allow your beer to get warm and flat. On top of that, Beer Tubes have been proven to be difficult to clean and sanitize due to their awkward size. In most cases, they cannot be cleaned to the level that they need to be and the customer drinking the beer from an unsanitary vessel is the one that suffers. Our Draft Tables beer lines are cleaned weekly by your current Draft Beer company. Your staff is also responsible to clean the keg pub tables’ exterior and drainage with warm water. This ensures that your customers’ experience with the self serve beer is a good one. They can pour their own beer at the table and it is dispensed between 34 and 38 degrees farenheit depending on the temperature you want it to be dispensed at from the commercial beer taps.

Draft Beer Tables are here to stay. Customers specifically ask for them and call ahead to reserve a “Draft Table” for their next event. At some locations we have heard of tables with beer tap towers being reserved up to 8 weeks in advance. This is a situation that most bar owners and restaurant owners dream for. This can be a reality when you add Draft Beer Tables to your bar. We have also found that it creates repeat customers, which is always good for business. Let a table tap beer system be the bar rescue you've been waiting for.

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