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What is a Self-Serve Bar Table?

Out at a bar and scared to miss the game-winning touchdown? A self-serve bar table offers two types of beer right to a table so patrons can pour their own beers from beer towers without ever having to leave their seat. The highest-quality self-serve bar table can rotate 320 degrees within the draft table, easily reaching the patron's hand with the draft beer tower.

Want a refill? Simply grab the commercial beer tap at the self-serve bar table and fill up with your beer of choice. Of course, after you reach the initial drink limit, make sure to ask your bartender or wait staff to keep the beer at your automated bar table tap flowing!

As a fully functional piece of furniture, that also happens to pour beer, a self-serve bar table elevates the beer drinking experience to another level with the rotating taps system. This innovative full beer system is the best way to enhance the beer drinking experience at your bar, pub or restaurant.

Self-Serve Bar Table Benefits

A self-serve bar table system provides many advantages to a venue. A two-tap draft table keg is often mobile, so the bar manager can frequently change the layout of the bar to meet the needs of any event. A self-serve bar table can also help with crowd control, since the tap is its own piece of furniture, serving a dual purpose of seating and serving.

Additionally, the self-serve bar table software allows for bartenders and bar owners to fully control the output of beer at the table. The software can be controlled by only allowing a certain number of pints to be sold at one time from the beer dispensing pub table.

There are also cost-saving benefits to the venue and bar owner. Management receives additional insight into placing keg orders since the monitoring system tracks the level of consumption. Another cost benefit is the reduction of spillage; the table tap is hands down the best way to serve quality beer without losing a penny.

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